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Demi Lovato and boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama posted loving tributes to their dog, Spawn, who passed away over the weekend. Lovato uploaded an old photo of the doberman licking her face, and accompanied the post with a lengthy caption, recounting the past six years she’s known Spawn. Read the caption in full below:

I miss you so much already beautiful boy. When I first met you 6 years ago, I was intimidated by your size and your strong presence.. But as I got to know you, I learned you were just one big teddy bear. One handsome teddy bear that's for sure. I'm going to miss the way you greeted me at my car every time I came home or simply when I stepped outside. I'm going to miss the way you were so protective of Buddy and Batman and never got annoyed with them when they were excited hyper puppies. I'm going to miss the way you would nudge at my hand if I wasn't petting you. I'll even miss the way I'd need a Benadryl every time you'd give me kisses just like the way you're giving me kisses in this very picture. All the sneezes, the runny noses, even the occasional hives.. They were all worth it with you. Saying goodbye absolutely broke my heart and I felt as if I was saying farewell to a family member. The only thing that brings me comfort in this situation is knowing that Buddy is probably really happy he now gets to play with his big brother in Heaven.. We love you so much Spawn.. We miss you so much and we will never ever EVER forget you. RIP baby boy..

Valderrama also posted photos and a deeply emotional tribute to his beloved dog.

Thinking of how loving you were my handsome boy.. I miss you Spawn.. #RIPSpawn Part 2 A photo posted by Wilmer Valderrama (@wilmervalderrama) on

Sadly, this marks the second time this year the couple has been forced to say goodbye to a pet. Lovato's dog, Buddy, tragically passed away back in July, due to a grisly coyote attack.

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