Alright, guys! Round one of March Madness has officially come to a close, and if your choice of fanbase didn't make it to the next round, that means you did not hustle hard enough and you only have yourself to blame. It's true that some of the polls were insanely close, with some fans winning by an almost negligable percentage. But nothing is negligible when you're fighting for your faves, so here we are. For this round, we're putting Demi Lovato's Lovatics up against Little Mix's Mixers and we have a feeling things are about to get even more intense the second go around. And so we ask the question: Which artist has the better fanbase?

Demi Lovato's Lovatics scored 52.08% of votes in round one, beating out Taylor Swift's Swifties in what turned out to be a pretty tight race. And while the Swifties certainly made a valiant effort to vote for the reigning "Style" queen, they just weren't a match for the power of the Lovatics. To reiterate: Demi's fans have stuck with her through some serious personal trials. She has spoken out about her battle with addiction, mental illness and eating disorders, and it's that ability to be honest and real with her fans that has really bonded them to Demi. But let's not forget that she has one of the best voices to come from her era of Disney starlets, so she has the talent to back it up.

Meanwhile, Little Mix's Mixers won against Fifth Harmony's Harmonizers with 52.7% of votes. Mixers aren't exactly strangers to voting, since that's how Little Mix wound up winning their year of the X Factor, bolstering their careers and delivering them to the public on a huge scale. The girls' fans are fiercely loyal, and rightfully so! Little Mix are insanely talented and appreciative of their fans, often taking to social media to keep Mixers abreast of everything that's going on in their lives.

Which fanbase is more deserving of the title of Best? Only time and continuous, dedicated voting will tell. You can vote once per hour until the polls close at 3PM ET on March 24. Get to it!

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