For Katy Perry and Diplo, pillow talk is quickly erupting into straight-up warfare.

Perry, who burrowed into a 72-hour livestream hideout earlier this week as part of the release of her new album Witness, begrudgingly ranked her exes' sexual performance when guest James Corden basically demanded it of her.

“From best to worst in bed. This is working on the notion that they’re all good,” Corden offered of Orlando Bloom, Diplo and John Mayer. And while Perry insisted she'd sleep with any of them again given the chance, she ultimately conceded that Diplo was the last-place finisher.

Diplo, though, has since answered the claim, by very shadily observing "I don't even remember having sex."


Militant KatyCats immediately jumped into action to defend their queen. One observed "Oh honey is your ego bruised?" while another noted "maybe that's why she said you were the worst."

Diplo later moved to make the mood more lighthearted and noted "I won the bronze medal in sex Olympics."

Still no response from Mayer or Bloom, though, who took first place and second place, respectively.

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