Dita Von Teese is well known for her career as a model and burlesque dancer, but did you know she can sing, too?

She teamed up with electronic music duo Monarchy to provide the vocals for their cover of the Blur classic "Girls and Boys." If you've never heard the original version, congratulations on somehow avoiding one of the biggest alternative songs of the '90s. If you need some help refreshing your memory, take a listen on YouTube and then check out Monarchy's cover with Dita Von Teese above.

The cover is a straight-up departure from Blur's original in a way that we, as non-musicians, never would've thought could work. It's tough to rework a song as well known as "Girls and Boys" so that it both does the original justice and manages to put a unique spin on it, instead of just a slightly altered version of a well-known song. Monarchy's cover feels like a different track altogether -- Dita's vocals are hypnotic and significantly slower than the original's and the remake takes on a neat percussive beat, giving it a more modern feel. It's a more subtle and understated vibe for the song, but it works in a way that remains true to Monarchy's own artistic vision and sound.

"Girls and Boys" is included on Monarchy's recent release, Re|Vision. The 10-track EP is a compilation of reworkings or covers of hit songs from various artists. Covers of Lana Del Rey's "Video Games," Beck's "Lost Cause" and Nine Inch Nails' "Closer" are also featured on the EP.