A woman's destination wedding was ruined after the venue was double-booked and over 100 "half-naked" ravers showed up.

Natalie Rhodes booked a destination wedding in Malta with Perfect Weddings Abroad.

Speaking to The Mirror, the 40-year-old bride explained that her wedding became "the worst day of her life" when a group of "ravers" showed up and caused a scene.

"We got married abroad, we had this package and it cost us about £6,000 ($7,314.00) just for the wedding itself and we were promised exclusivity of a beach club. Two days before the wedding, one of the colleagues that were abroad basically told us that we would be sharing the venue with a party of people and that it wouldn't be exclusive at all," Rhodes told the U.K. tabloid.

Apparently, dozens of "half-naked partygoers" showed up on her big day.

"We had children there and it was just like one big rave. I think they paid something stupid like £50,000 ($60,975) so they didn't expect to be sharing it with us either, and they said it was like they were gatecrashing our wedding," she detailed.

"There was vomit everywhere. My child went into the bathroom, came out then vomited all over the beach because he'd seen what had gone on in the toilets — they were covered in vomit. It was a mixture of colors and it was all over the floor and all up the side of the cubicle, where someone had come out and not made it to the sink or the toilet," the furious newlywed continued.

The bummed bride noted there were about "10 ravers" for every wedding guest, with approximately 150 total.

"The music they were playing, it was very loud and had loads of swear words in it, it was like rapper and rave music. It was aggressive and pumping, they were all jumping around and dancing with the glow sticks and everything. We sort of felt like we wanted to leave, one or two of our guests were dancing to the music for about ten minutes — but when they realized the music wasn't going to calm down they wanted to go," Rhodes said, adding they "could smell the marijuana."

Rhodes claimed she was promised exclusive use of the venue, a professional photographer and the option to select her own music.

However, when her wedding day came, she was supposedly told she would have to pay extra for a wedding cake. The DJ she booked was also allegedly told to leave.

"It ruined the atmosphere, it ruined the wedding. The ceremony was over, it literally took 10 minutes. It ruined the celebration, the ceremony was ruined because there were people right next to where we were getting married sunbathing half naked. There were both men and women laying around with next to nothing on, my mother-in-law was mortified and my husband asked them to move and the manager came over and said we can't ask people to move," she continued.

Rhodes added the ravers were "apologetic" about ruining her wedding, but refused to change their behavior.

Rhodes said she is "trying to get [her] money back" from Perfect Weddings Abroad, but they aren't "taking any responsibility at the moment."

"We have threatened small claims court and we're waiting to hear back," she told The Mirror.

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