Ellie Goulding may have become a bonafide pop star with her mega hits 'Burn' and 'Lights,' but the 27-year-old British singer fangirls over her fellow stars just like the rest of us.

Speaking to E!, Goulding revealed her excitement when she found out that Beyonce was a fan of hers at the 2014 Brit Awards.

"I think I was so overwhelmed that I just forgot about it, but then I remembered it the other day and was like, 'Damn that was the coolest thing ever,'" the 'Burn' singer told E! "It's always really cool knowing that people who inspire you are really big fans of you."

Other stars on that list? Goulding names Taylor Swift and Katy Perry as artists she has loved working with.

"Performing with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry… just getting able to meet and get advice from people I looked up to for a really long time since before I was known as a singer."

And Perry, in particular, is someone whose hardworking attitude Goulding admires greatly.

"She's just an amazing woman, she's very funny, she's very British actually," she spilled to E! "She works really, really hard and when I think that I'm really tired or working too hard, I look at her and I think I'm not working too hard."