Actor Emile Hirsch -- known for his roles in 'Into the Wild' and 'The Girl Next Door' -- has reportedly been charged with felony assault for allegedly attacking and choking a Paramount executive last month (Jan. 25) while attending the Sundance Film Festival. TMZ is reporting that, according to police sources (all quotes via TMZ), "Hirsch appeared intoxicated and asked [movie exec Daniele Bernfeld] why she looked 'so tough' and said she was a 'rich kid' who should not be at Sundance."

Bernfeld later recalled the details of the incident, saying she eventually moved away from Hirsch until he approached her from behind and "put her in a chokehold." She went on to say that Hirsch "pulled her across the table and onto the floor," where he then reportedly began to choke her until "the front and back of her throat were touching and [things went] dark."

Thankfully, two people who witnessed the events were able to step in and break things up. Police officers who arrived at the scene claim that Hirsch was reportedly drunk and say the actor admitted to being in a "verbal confrontation" with Bernfeld, as well as having consumed three or four drinks throughout the evening. The police reportedly saw red bruises on Bernfeld's neck and chest, which matches up with her story.

After being charged with third degree felony aggravated assault, Hirsch reportedly checked himself into rehab. His spokesman, Robert Offer, said, "Regarding the charges that have been brought against Emile today, the facts that I can relay are that he consumed an enormous amount of alcohol on the evening in question and he has no memory of what happened."

Offer went on to say, "Emile takes these allegations very seriously, and is devastated that any of this has occurred. A few days after the incident, Emile sought help and checked himself into an alcohol rehabilitation facility, where he remains today, to ensure nothing like this ever happens again."

Hirsch's court date is currently set for March 16.