Breath a huge sigh of relief, One Direction fans. Harry Styles is not recording solo material or looking to do something on his own aside from Zayn and Louis and Liam and Niall.

After a story broke that Hazza was seen hitting a studio on his own, fueling reports that he was putting material in the can so he could have a career outside of 1D, the band's rep shot those reports down as false, false, false.

The Sunday Mirror claimed Styles was in the studio to work on Non Direction material and that he even had a sesh with Ed Sheeran! But their rep said that there is "no truth" to such a claim and that "the boys are all recording the new album (and) sometimes they have separate sessions."

So there's two pieces of good news, Directioners. The band is working on the follow-up to 'Take Me Home' already and Harry isn't looking to do stuff all by his lonesome.


If you want to see some "solo" 1D, check out Niall Horan performing 'Little Things' in a pub, acoustically. That, too, was a one-off!

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