"First thing first, I'm the roundest," begins this hilarious pregnancy-themed parody of Iggy Azalea's 'Fancy.' "They don't ask, but the whole world feel it."

If you're like us in that you can't stop singing the crazy addictive Iggy/Charli XCX track, you'll die laughing at 'I'm So Pregnant,' a hysterical video spoof of 'Fancy.'

Even if you're not a mom-to-be, lyrics like "And I pee every 10 seconds / I cannot bend down, I would defy the laws of physics," will have you rolling -- and just wait til you get to the chorus.

"I'm so pregnant, you already know / I'm in the last month, I can't even see my toes," the (8 months pregnant!) star sings in the vid. "I'm so pregnant, can't fit any clothes / Don't ask me the name, I don't know-ooh-whoa-ooh-whoa-oh-oh."

Watch 'I'm So Pregnant' above!