Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Hudson teamed up to release a video for their collaboration "Trouble," and it's just as much fun as the track itself. The video starts off with Iggy in a car with her boyfriend, who says he's going to get a loan from the bank. By get a loan, he actually means attempt to steal money, and Iggy is none the wiser until cop cars show up and her boyfriend gets hauled away by a police officer played by Jennifer.

Unable to be away from her lame boyfriend, Iggy helps him bust out of jail so they can be together forever. It's a pretty standard plot, but the video is enough fun that it doesn't matter. The lyrics, "I got it bad for him in the worst way / Dear Lord how'd I get in this position and / Shoulda never got involved in the first place," go pretty perfectly with the video -- Iggy definitely should have stayed away.

It doesn't take long for Jennifer and her task force to catch up with Iggy and her boyfriend, because they weren't exactly subtle when they blasted a hole into the prison cell wall. The weirdest part of the video comes from what looks like a total abandonment of the actual plot, as Iggy gets out of the car and chills with Jennifer's cop character like she didn't just help her boyfriend break out of jail. But just as Iggy thinks everything's cool, Jennifer spins her around and cuffs her and it definitely feels like justice.

Check out the "Trouble" video above!

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