Iggy Azalea has broken her silence on Nicki Minaj's supposed BET Awards diss.

When Nicki Minaj went up to accept her award for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist, she made a point to state that she writes all of her own lyrics -- which many took as a dig at fellow nominee Azalea. Minaj not only addressed the controversy herself during her speech (repeating the phrase "no shade" multiple times), but she also took to Twitter to clarify her remarks. And now the 'Fancy' rapper is sounding off herself, saying she is "unbothered" by the controversy in a lengthy Instagram post:

She continued to vent about the controversy on Twitter, writing:

And as for Minaj's own clarification about the event, see some of her excerpted tweets below:

Now that both women have said their peace, it looks like this is one "feud" that can be put to rest.

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