On Tuesday (June 12), Iggy Azalea shared a couple photos from a recent shoot with clothing brand Fashion Nova in which she wasn't wearing any clothing at all (except some vibrant socks and stiletto heels).

"Sometimes all you need is a good pair of heels," she captioned one of the photos. Though definitely NSFW, the images are tasteful and the rapper covers up her naughty bits rather nicely.

Over the weekend, the rapper announced that her Surviving the Summer EP is slated for a July 6 release date. The album was supposed to come out June 2 but was delayed because of some internal reorganization happening at her label.

"My record label, Island records, is changing presidents this month," the rapper tweeted. "We have to allow time for everyone in the company to re-organise, its a big change! I'm really happy to welcome the new Island Records president cant wait to release this EP with him leading the team!"

Back in February, she released the album's first single, "Savior," and later lamented on its failure to chart and less-than-impressive streaming number, claiming she only has "like 60" fans.


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