Iggy Azalea's star is on the rise. Rihanna has worked with her, while rapper T.I. serves as her mentor via his Grand Hustle label.

The statuesque blonde covers the Spring/Summer issue of Hunger, looking like a leggy, futuristic vision in white, and also she sat down with The Dropout U.K. to give fans the chance to get to know her better.

Azalea -- not to be confused with the similarly named Twitter feudist Azealia Banks -- spoke about the conundrum of female rappers. While she was quick to point out that Nicki Minaj is the humongous superstar female rapper of the day, there has not been a prolonged absence of rap divas or dynamos. There is one every year, counting back from 1995 -- Minaj just changed the game and altered the landscape. Perhaps Azalea can do the same in 2013!

She also addressed the glass ceiling for women in music, namely rap, saying, "When you get high up in any industry, no matter what you are doing… it's always the same. Ask any female, the higher up you go, the less and less you see. It's the same with rap. I don't create based on that, I create based on what I want to say."

Azalea also spoke about her relationship with Tip, saying, "T.I. is a really genuine guy and I felt comfortable, and I felt like could help me become a better musician and I didn't feel that all the men in suits and offices could help me progress like that." She felt the "suits" could help her get her content out into the world, but Tip could help her hone and refine her craft.

In addition to rapping, Azalea also models. No shocker there -- she is drop dead gorgeous.

"I think every girl always wants to take pictures and feel beautiful and dress up," the Wilhelmina model mused. "I don't think pursuing a modeling career was something I ever wanted to do or was my dream or my passion to be be a model… but they reached out to me and asked me if I had thought about it, and I thought, 'Why the hell not? I may as well.'"

She is aware that her job allows her to pursue the modeling gig, saying, "If I didn't rap and I didn't have fans, I could never walk into a modeling agency and get a contract being the size that I am. That's just honestly, when I am in there, I see the other girls. They are half my body size."

The rapper also said that she is hoping 2013 will be a year of big things. "Hopefully, [it's] a year I remember forever, because it'll be the year my first album comes out," she said.

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