K-pop boy band Infinite have released the video for the Japanese version of 'Man in Love,' which appears on their Japanese album 'Koi ni Ochiru Toki,' out June 5. The clip is full of bright and cheerful settings, coordinated choreography and one of the members hugging a gigantic white teddy bear. We wish we were kidding.

The 'Man in Love' video is comprised of cute boys, dancing in color-coded, matching black and white outfits (with stripes and other prints) and pastels (peach! pink! white!). While looking oh-so fashionable, Infinte bust their moves in what looks like a backlot in Hollywood.

Infinite are a super stylish seven-piece with some seriously awesome moves. They are also "men in love" ... with at least one Infinite-r enamored by a plush toy. Awww.