Jennifer Lopez dominated the dance charts in the early 2000s, scoring hits like 'If You Had My Love,' 'Waiting for Tonight,' 'I'm Real' and 'Jenny From the Block.'

The Bronx-born Latin pop star continued to rack up hits, even as she grew her acting career with roles in films like 'Shall We Dance?' and 'El Cantante' - and she's just signed on to 'Ice Age 4.'

Lopez was eventually dropped from the music roster of Sony as her album sales slipped. (If only they'd known she would get picked up as an 'American Idol' judge...)

Now 41, she has hooked up with Island Def Jam to release 'Love?,' which boasts an impressive roster of A-list songwriters and producers (such as RedOne and Lady Gaga), as well as guest performers.

Here's a track-by-track rundown of the highly-anticipated album, which hits stores on May 3.

'Love?' Album Review:

1. 'On the Floor' Feat. Pitbull
The album's first single, 'On the Floor' became J. Lo's first Top 10 hit in eight years. The moderately-catchy track aims to be a dance floor anthem but never quite gets there. (Listen Here)

2. 'Good Hit'
Lopez needlessly embraces Auto-Tune for this near-rap song in which she repeatedly asks, "Don't you wish I was your boo?" The song sounds more like J. Lo covering Britney rather than doing her own thing.

3. 'I'm Into You' Feat. Lil Wayne
One of the standout tracks on 'Love?,' 'I'm Into You' was penned by Taio Cruz, Lil Wayne and Stargate and possesses one of the most memorable and infectious hooks on the record. (Listen Here)

4. '(What is) Love?'
"I wanna be somebody's girl!," Lopez shouts on this appealing track in which she questions the meaning of love. Notably, she sings about all the types of guys she's dated and declares, "Musicians are the worst."

5. 'Run the World'
Not to be confused with Beyonce's brand-new 'Run the World (Girls),' this track is a Tricky and The-Dream production on which Lopez sings, "Our love could run the world." With an optimistic message and upbeat melody, the song is a winner.

6. 'Papi'
Like 'On the Floor,' 'Papi' is a Latin-flavored RedOne track that seems capable of lighting up the dance floor.

7. 'Until it Beats No More'
Jen slows the tempo slightly on this pleasant pop song with an optimistic viewpoint: "I'm alive, I can breathe, I can feel, I believe."

8. 'One Love'
Pop songs are usually better when they have a personal touch, and this song is no exception. J. Lo took this generic song and re-wrote it, injecting lyrics about her past and present romances, trying to answer the question of whether there is such a thing as one true love.

9. 'Invading My Mind'
Lady Gaga helped write this electropop club banger and potential hit single on which J. Lo sings about being overcome with a feeling that's "attacking, invading my mind."

10. 'Villain'
This song features Lopez singing about being a villain because she won't take back a desperate ex. It's a non-descript dance-pop track that doesn't add much to the record.

11. 'Starting Over'
'Starting Over' is a solid track from producer Danja that features an urgent, almost-militaristic beat and lyrics about trying to avoid a break-up.

12. 'Hypnotico'
Closing out 'Love?' is 'Hypnotico,' the second Gaga- and RedOne-penned song on the track list. Like many of Gaga's songs, it's likely to stick in your head long after the song has ended.