Katy Perry appeared on a live stream Capital FM segment in England with host Roman Kemp and let her quirky flag fly free. The pop queen sipped from a Starbucks cup and explained that she was extremely jet lagged while launching into one of the weirdest interviews Kemp says he's ever done.

Perry, wearing a pair of sunglasses indoors, peppered her Q-and-A session with her natural speaking voice, British accents, and Wild West impressions. She confirmed her love of meat pie (just as we suspected) and her plans to visit the Yorkshire Pudding Factory while in the United Kingdom.

The "Bon Appetit" singer admits to Kemp that she gets nervous when she launches something new, such as her upcoming Witness album. "It's kind of like when you build a new spaceship," Perry says. "You're a little bit, like, 'Well, is it going to float?' But this one, I mean, I know a lot of people are like, 'Dot, dot, dot, Titanic.' I think that this one is a little bit more like a spaceship. I don't think we've ever seen a spaceship."

So, if we are correctly interpreting her jet-lag jargon, it would seem Perry thinks critics expect Witness to sink quicker than Leonardo DiCaprio without a door, but she's waiting for it to take flight in a wholly new way.

"As of now, it's been really crazy," Perry adds about all the hype surrounding her new music. "It's just like everyone seems to have quite the opinion. But why don't they just ask me?"

Throughout the stream, Perry holds onto Kemp's arm while he attempts to keep the interview on track. At one point, Kemp queries whether Perry Googles herself, and she answers that yes, she does so every few days, but can go weeks without it.

And, Perry says, "When I'm writing a record, I don't do it at all."

As the Capital FM weirdness reaches a crescendo, Perry decides to share, "When I'm alone in my room, or my hotel, or my house, I'm doing some pretty weird stuff. I would never really want anyone to see."

And Kemp cuts right in with, "We should probably wrap this up now," signaling to the camera person to turn off the live stream.

That's all, folks!

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