Plenty of cake was harmed in the making of this music video.

There's no denying that Joe Jonas' new band DNCE's debut single "Cake By The Ocean" is a bit of a bop. It's catchy, irreverent, sexy in the way that any good Maroon 5 song is, and just groovy enough to give us that Saturday night fever any day of the week. And now the track has an official music video to match.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the video is a very literal take on the lyrics, featuring a ginormous frosted strawberry shortcake set on a beach. And then there's the "First Annual International Cake Fight Championship," which is basically a massive cake fight that takes place in the sand between a bevy of refreshingly diverse bikini-clad young women and The Fat Jew... because The Fat Jew is basically everywhere these days so it makes sense he'd turn up at a giant seaside cake-throwing event.

While this is Jonas' first video with his new band, it's worth noting that the video also serves as Jonas' girlfriend and supermodel Gigi Hadid's first venture into video directing! Jonas recently told Entertainment Weekly of the decision to hire Hadid to co-direct the clip alongside Black Coffee, "She's always had a high creative eye so she came up with concept and we rolled with it. She was a good boss! It came together really quickly."

Jonas also added, "We're really excited about it because it's just something that I think is wacky and fun." Wacky and fun indeed—and tasty!

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