Joe Jonas has officially sacrificed his lucrative DJ career for a brand new, brother-less band called DNCE, and they just unveiled their first single, titled “Cake By the Ocean.”

"Cake by the Ocean" is a '70s-inspired track that successfully fuses dance, R&B and pop. Joe unleashes his falsetto on the chorus, and the song's infectious, funk-inflected bass line and underlying hand claps come together to make for an undeniable earworm.

According to Complex, inspiration for the track came from a lingual misunderstanding between Joe and producers Mattman & Robin, who said they wanted to get some cake by the ocean. Joe quickly realized they meant to say that they wanted the drink Sex on the Beach, but by then it was too late -- those song lyrics were solidified in his mind, and an idea had been planted.

Joe told Complex via email that once the band wrote the single, everything else came together: “That song was a total breakthrough. Once we came up with ‘Cake by the Ocean,’ everything was electric.”

Other than Joe, DNCE (who, according to their social media bios, promises to be “YOUR NEW FAVORITE BAND," by the way) is comprised of members Jack Lawless (the Jonas Brothers’ former drummer), Jin Joo and Cole Whittle.

DNCE made their live debut this week in a slew of live showcases in New York City, and we were there. You can check out footage from last night’s (September 14) show below, and listen to “Cake by the Ocean” above.

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