Joe Jonas' 'Just in Love' music video premiered last night over at E! News, and as expected, it's pretty steamy compared to the 22-year-old's purity ring past.

Jonas revealed in a behind-the-scenes interview that, "me and my brothers, we're all romantic guys," but he didn't say anything about his ever-growing sex appeal. The middle brother has far surpassed his older married bro Kevin and younger, much subdued brother Nick on the steamy scale, and his latest music video proves that in plain color.

'Just in Love' was shot like a home movie on the streets of Paris. Joe is seen with his very beautiful love interest, having coffee together before getting frisky in the coffee shop, racing a boat, hitchhiking on a train and even taking a bath together. They roam the city completely enamored by one another, and it's as if there isn't another person around (there isn't). In between the romantic shots, Joe belts the single's vocals out a window, into the streets.

This hot, super sexy video shows a grown up version of Joe Jonas that we never knew existed. We'd even go as far as to compare him to a young Timberlake -- and that's saying a lot. Despite his brush up with the girl in the video, Joe revealed that he is in fact ... Single.

Watch the Joe Jonas 'Just in Love' Video