It was a madhouse of teenage girls and their moms at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City on Monday, Aug. 20 when Joe Jonas took the stage for a half-hour set for the 'Live on Letterman' concert series. You could count on one hand how many males were in the audience. One guy sang all the songs and filmed the entire thing with his cell phone, so either he crushes on Joe or wants to be the next Joe.

While his male and female dancers took the stage with the band, Jonas entered the room from the back door, singing 'Love Slayer,' his second single from the forthcoming album 'Fast Life.' Once Jonas was sighted, the chorus of squeals erupted and never, ever quieted down. He has that effect on the ladies.

With his Mediterranean good looks and sharp grey suit, which he paired with sneakers, Jonas sang and danced his way into many teenage hearts. He sang 'Just in Love With You' and 'Fast Life' as well as 'I'm Sorry,' a ballad during which he took a seat on a stool. That song is Jonas' apology to a former girlfriend and with his penchant for dating A-list beauties, it could be about any of his famous exes.

Jonas asked his adoring audience to swoop in with an assist and sing along to the Jonas Brothers song 'When You Look Me in the Eyes' and they obliged whole-heartedly, as our ears are still ringing from the screams and singalong.

He performed the upbeat 'Kleptomania' before closing the 30-minute set with his hit single 'See No More.' He removed his jacket, which elicited more screams and cheers, and even louder crowd participation.

A word to single teen dudes: Want to meet girls? Go to a Joe Jonas show. They're crawling with 'em! We were shocked that when the house lights came on and Jonas shook hands with fans that a few girls left their seats and their handbags behind to catch a glimpse or a handshake or a hug. They were singular in their mission to meet the cutie that is Joe Jonas.

Two hours after the show, Jonas tweeted: "So much fun tonight! One if [sic] my favorite shows yet."

It was one of ours, too!