Joe Jonas previewed three more songs from 'Fastlife,' out Oct. 11, on the final episode of the 'Fastlife Fridays' web series. He took Twitter questions from fans over the course of about 20 minutes, as well.

Jonas was holed up in a swank hotel room in New York City, speaking directly into a web cam, something his legion of female fans will certainly love! The poor guy was a little stuffed up and nasally -- a fact he acknowledged when a tweeted question comes through asking if he is sick. The singer admitted that traveling leads to these issues, since being exposed to more germs and more people can wear down one's immune system.

Jonas also said that he has been in New York City doing a round of promotion for the album, revealing that he will appear on 'The Wendy Williams Show' on Oct. 10 and that he filmed 'The Chew,' a new show with celebrity chef Mario Batali, who he called a "hero of mine. To cook with him was exciting. I got nervous and forgot how to use a cheese grater.' Cooking with an amazing chef like Batali will cause temporary memory loss! We get it. We bet most of Jonas' dedicated fans would forget their names when in his mesmerizing presence! He also said that most of the fans he is picking up as a solo artist are also fans of Jonas Brothers and he is happy to have them.

The singer previewed three songs during this web chat. 'All This Time' is a showcase of his vocal and is a slower tempo song with an escalating beat. It morphs into a slick, sleek dance song that once again reminds us of Justin Timberlake. This song preview takes place at 7:06 into the video chat.

At 9:34, the dubstep track 'Kleptomaniac' rears its head and it'll steal your heart. It's a dance-floor ready song, smoother than butter and is evidence of the fact that 'Fastlife'  is full  of quality tunes. It's a processed song but it will satisfy JJ fans! The hotter-than-a-thousand-suns 'Love Slayer,' which we're already familiar with, is previewed at 11:55, so you can enjoy it if you've not been lucky enough to experience it yet!

Watch Joe Jonas Final 'Fastlife Fridays' Webisode