Joe Jonas has grown up. He has transitioned from middle (and best-looking) Jonas Brother to bona fide pop singer a la Justin Timberlake or Jesse McCartney with his new single, 'See No More.'

While JT is making movies and McCartney's new album is lingering in what appears to be some sort of indefinite hiatus, it's perfect time for Jonas to swoop in fill the void those two singers have left in the lives of women 18-36. Summer 2011 may have its first top-down, play-it-at-the-beach hit with 'See No More.'

Jonas, 21, has an ear-pleasing croon and the song has a more mature (relatively speaking) R&B sound. There are no traces of the somewhat innocuous, overly confectionery teenybopper sound that made the Jo Bros the object of affection to millions of teenage girls (before they turned their attention to Justin Bieber).

The song is essentially about the memory of a relationship that just won't quit, and the main hook of 'See No More,' co-penned by Chris Brown and Brian Kennedy, is "I don't wanna wait for you/ I don't wanna wake up thinking, hoping you're gonna get it right this time." Sounds like someone was toying around with Joe Jonas' heart.

He struggles with moving on, crooning "All I keep seeing is your picture / I don't wanna see no more." We've all been there and can relate.

Towards the end of the song, during the bridge, Jonas sings, over a looped beat,"I used to be afraid of letting go / Right now I need you to set me free/ I can see it in your eyes" and "I don't wanna see no more" as he still tries to expunge his brain from the memory of the one who has inflicted misery on his heart.

It's worth mentioning the irony of Jonas singing about being unable to purge his mind of a lady, when he has dated a bevy of Hollywood's hottest women, from Taylor Swift to Ashley Greene and more. PopCrush cannot help but wonder if any of these ladies will think JJ has gone confessional and that he is singing about one of them in these lyrics.

Whatever the case, Joe Jonas is showing off his chops, which appeal to the 21 and over set. While Justin Timberlake puts music on the backburner, Joe Jonas is stepping up to the plate. In our eyes, 'See No More' is a home run.

Listen to Joe Jonas, 'See No More'