Ariana Grande just debuted her latest tattoo: A teeny, tiny crescent moon on her neck. Of course, the surprising placement of the tat totally reminded us of Justin Bieber's "Patience" neck ink. Whose neck tattoo do you like better?

Justin Bieber had the word "Patience" tattooed on his neck in April 2014 -- just a few weeks after he said he was done with getting new ink for a while. THE IRONY. Still, "Patience" is undoubtedly one of the Biebs' most prominent tats, as it starts at the top of his neck, right under his earlobe, and goes straight down to his collarbone. You can't miss it! While the timing of the tat makes us laugh, we can totally get behind the inspirational message. Check out Justin Bieber's neck tattoo in the photo below.

Ariana Grande opted to go with an adorably tiny crescent moon on her neck, right under her ear and near her jawline. It's worth noting that this is actually Ari's second neck tattoo -- her first is some stunning script on the back of her neck. We have to hand it to Ariana -- she knows how to rock the most elegant, subtle tats in the classiest of ways. While we wouldn't normally think of a neck tat as "classy" -- well, Ari somehow just makes it perfectly gorgeous.

Whose neck tattoo do you like better? Beliebers and Arianators, cast your vote for Justin Bieber or Ariana Grande in the poll below.

Justin Bieber's Neck Tattoo

Justin Bieber
Gabe Ginsberg, Getty Images

Ariana Grande's Neck Tattoo

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