Remember when Selena Gomez gushed about her BFF Taylor Swift collaborating with her BF Justin Bieber? We do too. We also remember being a little bummed that we never heard the track, nor Bieb's collaboration with Swift's nemesis, Kanye West. So what happened with the songs -- and will they ever see the light of day?Bieber's manager, the spotlight loving Scooter Braun, spoke to MTV about the duet. He revealed that while Beliebers who purchased 'Believe' may be irked at not having the songs, all hope isn't lost for snagging it later.

In regards to T-Swizzle's duet with Biebs, Braun said, "It didn't go on 'Believe' because there's another record they want to work on. So, it just didn't make sense at this time, and the song they did just didn't make sense on this album." He didn't go into any more detail about the record, but we already can't wait to hear it. Between Bieber's "swaggy" falsetto and Swift's scorned lyrics, it's bound to be radio gold.

As for West, that just didn't make sense either -- we hope Yeezy's ego isn't too badly bruised from this. "Basically, he was just talking about going out of the box and doing things that are different," Bieber said about their collaboration prior to the 'Believe' release. "And he's like, 'I want to just make you cool.' He wants to just basically do records that people wouldn't necessarily think I would do."

Not to create drama or anything, but wasn't Ye's comment sort of a backhanded compliment? It's like saying J.B. isn't cool yet. Come on, Yeezy. Just because you and Jay-Z invented swag doesn't mean Biebs doesn't have it.

Another collaboration we didn't hear much about but that they tried working in? One with 'The Voice' coach and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. "We talked with Adam Levine about doing stuff," Braun said. "And he wanted to, but with everything else, we could just never get the studio time in together."

All in all, we have to disagree with Braun on one count. We think a collaboration with Kanye West, the guy who released 'Golddigger,' would fit right in next to 'Maria.'

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