Dance challenges are a staple these days with TikTok blowing up songs and sound bites featuring choreography mimicked by thousands. However, one K-pop dance challenge set to "Groove Back" by Korean music icon J.Y. Park has resulted in backlash after Park critiqued fans' dance moves online.

On his Instagram, Park re-posted several fans' videos on his, writing captions such as, "Love the energy! But please find and watch the dance tutorial I made. It was made for people like you."

According to Allkpop, another caption read, "Great for day 1! Before you start day 2, you have to rotate the other way ... Sweetheart, you're rotating the wrong way."

"Got the groove but not the move. Look at the moves more precisely sweetheart," Park allegedly captioned another fan's video.

"Girl you definitely got the groove! But you don't have the moves accurately. Please watch my groove dance tutorial and upload again cuz I'll be waiting!" he captioned yet another video.

On social media, many fans criticized the singer for his harsh critiques.

"I could never ever do the groove back challenge cause imagine being put on public blast by JYP," one fan tweeted.

"JYP doesnt play when it comes to the groove back dance," another person tweeted.

"I find it extremely weird how JYP is critiquing people doing covers of his song? ‘do this not that’ shut up they're having fun," one person wrote.

"Why is JYP critiquing everyone’s dance challenges as if they are auditioning for his company i can’t with this man," another fan added.

Park has released seven solo albums and a long list of singles over the years, including "Groove Back."

Park is the founder of JYP Entertainment, one of the biggest music companies in South Korea. He served as head of the company, managing and developing groups, from 1997 to 2011.

JYP has produced popular groups including Stray Kids, Itzy, Twice, GOT7 and the iconic Wonder Girls.

Watch J.Y. Park's "Groove Back" Music Video:

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