Kanye West has had it up to here with the digital streaming war between competing music platforms.

On Saturday (July 30), the "Famous" rapper posted a series of tweets calling for the end of tension between streaming services Tidal and Apple Music.

"This Tidal Apple beef is f***ing up the music game," he began, expressing the opinion that Apple should formally offer to purchase its young subscription-only competitor Tidal in order to expedite the process, simultaneously urging founder and fellow artist Jay Z to accept the offer and move on.

"Apple give Jay his check for Tidal now and stop trying to act like you Steve," West wrote, making the (poignant, to be fair) point that we're all going to "be dead in 100 years" anyway, so why not just "let the kids have the music"?

The revelation comes just a month after The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple was exploring the idea of a Tidal purchase — which, despite its 4 million plus subscribers, has struggled to achieve the same level of popularity as competitors like the aforementioned platform or Spotify — and that the two companies were already "in talks" regarding an acquisition.

According to CNBC, "West's comments may reflect some frustration with Tidal's business model. Tidal has tried to bolster its audience by offering them exclusive content they can't stream...Earlier this year, West's highly anticipated The Life of Pablo album was publicized as being available exclusively on Tidal — but in fact ended up in broad release on Spotify and other platforms..."

See his impassioned rant below:

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