Bad blood is being spilled everywhere!

They say that haters are really just your biggest fans in denial, which is why Demi Lovato was only too thrilled to see that Kathy Griffin got on Demi's case via Twitter last night following her "Cool For The Summer" performance at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.

"Demi's live singing was very obviously live if you know I'm saying. And then the rest of the track or tracks. #atleastshesang-ish #VMAs," Kathy live-tweeted last night, blissfully unaware of the sheer fury of the fiercely loyal Lovatic community as she was immediately consumed by death threats and hate tweets.

And later on in the night, Demi herself saw the tweet...and decided to entertain the comedian with a little recognition — and a kiss from her nether regions.

"Happy 2 see ur still stanning me @kathygriffin. Dont worry, my new album is out Oct 16. But u prob already knew that," she wrote back, complete with a meme of a cartoon lady parts kiss. Would that count as going down to Demi's paradise? A taste of the cherry? So really, it's just more #CoolForTheSummerPromo.

Kathy then responded with a photo of the two together at the Do Something Awards, although it's unclear whether Demi has such nostalgic feelings for the photo op. "I was STANDING next 2u when I received my #dosomething award RT @ddlovato: Happy 2 see ur still stanning me #KATHY," Kathy implored. Radio silence from Demetria.

One thing's for sure: Unlike Taylor Swift, Kathy's running out of celeb BFFs — and she's certainly not going to sit — or stand — next to Lana Del Rey anytime soon, either. Whatta mess!

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