Chained to the rhythm, but untethered from her hair — Katy Perry's gone and lopped her locks totally off, and fans are digging the new 'do. 

Perry, who's rocked everything from blue to black north of her head, shared a salon session to Instagram yesterday (April 10) that chronicled a very bold move — a near-buzzcut. First came an Instagram story in which Perry professed: "When your eyelashes are longer than your hair, you know you've just gotten a cut."

Then came the finished product in a more permanent post: an inch-long haircut that the pop star might struggle to wrap around her finger. "Fifth element flow," she captioned the new look, which she half-obscured with a shiny hoodie.

And fans flooded Perry's comments section with praise and comparisons to everyone from Halsey to Justin Bieber. "looks a bit like Eminem. but damn good eminem," one wrote, while another noted "I love when women dare to chop it off."

Perry first approached her new pixie length in March, when she went from a lengthy bob to a sort of modified mohawk that fans said evoked the style of Miley Cyrus.

Also, no shade, but: Katy, ya done shaved ya head.

Katy Perry Goes Very Blond:

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