Those "What's In My Bag" and "Peek Inside My Pursue" features are insanely popular in magazines and online, as fans love to see what items and essentials their fave stars and celebs tote around in their designer bags. At her iHeart Radio album release event for 'Prism' earlier this week, Katy Perry revealed that she once carried around locks of hair from Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift in her purse. Wait, what?

We were expecting innocuous things like Altoids, lip gloss, hair bows, pens, tissues and maybe some Hershey's Kisses to populate Perry's bag. But locks of hair from fellow pop queens? WTF? Was she hoping they would be good luck charms or something?

It's actually a cuter story than you'd think!

"One of the first times I went to the Grammys, I got to share a dressing room with Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift," Perry recalled. "And I asked for a lock of their hair from each one of them, which is totally creepy, but awesome."

At least Perry admits that her request was a little, uh, unorthodox.

Also, it was polite of her to actually request the locks. Could you imagine if she stole the stray strands from their hairbrushes? Now that would be extra creeptacular.

The 'ROAR' singer also confessed to putting "little bows on [the locks] individually." Aw, she treated 'em with love and care.

"That was my little secret," she said. "I'm a freak!"

We're just glad Perry didn't request the locks so could put some sort of curse on Miss Miley and T. Swizzle, since lore suggests that hair is often incorporated into spells.

PopCrushers and Katy Cats, is Perry's big reveal too weird for you? Or is it quirky and adorbs, in your opinion?