Keith Urban's latest single, 'Somewhere in My Car,' captures the heart-breaking feeling of picturing yourself with a former love. The singer paints this picture quite literally in the 'Somewhere In My Car' lyric video, which we're premiering in partnership with Taste of Country and The Boot!

The song starts off with Keith driving home alone, only to take the listener to a flashback of a very intimate moment he shared with a special someone. The memory -- which Keith sadly acknowledges is just that -- takes place, of course, in his car.

The lyric video combines the loneliness of Keith's car ride alone with the even lonelier image of pouring rain. Superimposed on the rain-splattered shots are the lyrics to the song, which emphasize the nostalgia he's experiencing. Yep, this imagery is all about the heartbreak. We love that this song taps into a lot of emotional memories, which are only heightened by the empty car.

Watch Keith Urban's 'Somewhere In My Car' lyric video above!