Empty your pockets, cash in those savings bonds and—if need be—pry open a stranger's safety-deposit box: Kelly Clarkson is here, and she's got big plans to leave you broke.

The Piece by Piece singer, whose "Invincible" might soon be your pick for Song of Summer, took on Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money" (YOU HEARD US) during a Radio 1 Live Lounge segment this morning, and if you've got a fistful of bills handy, you better hide it quick.

After a brief pre-interview in the video above, during which Kelly deems herself "a little bit class, a little bit trash," the powerhouse proves she's still got the versatility of her former American Idol self, and after a chirrupy piano lays the necessary groundwork, she constructs a "Money" rendition that's about as similar to Riri's as chalk is to cheese.

"Y'all should know me well enough," Kelly begins with a signature thick tone that's peppered with pinches of falsetto. "Heartbeat Song" might have painted the picture of a flowery romantic, but make no mistake, if you cross this mob boss, she will take you out like BRRAP, BRRAP, BRRAP.

"I'm so gangsta!" Kelly concludes once the transaction has successfully been made. No arguments here.

Whaddya think: Has Kelly's version of the Rihanna hit forced you to consider a new insurance policy? Watch the full set, and be sure to share your thoughts.

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