Kelly Clarkson had one goal for her first Christmas special, 'Kelly Clarkson's Cautionary Christmas Music Tale': She wanted George Clooney to be a part of the festivities and spent the hour trying to make it happen.

Granted she was not looking for a new car or a pair of Christian Louboutins. She just wanted her special to have a major finale. Is that so wrong?

She may have lost sight of what's important about the holidays, but throughout the special, she learned that celeb lifestyles are not the focal point.

The special wasn't just Clarkson singing Christmas songs, either. It was Clarkson acting, with skits sprinkled among the performances.

These were the Top 5 Moments from the special.

The Framework

We learn that Clarkson is at a crossroads in her career, the third most popular Kelly online, behind Rowland and Ripa, lagging in her stalkability quotient. That's why her manager, played to perfection by 'The Hangover' star Ken Jeong, calls a pop music emergency. She suggests a Christmas special to elevate her profile. Huzzah! Not only is Kelly cute and possessed of a helluva voice. But she proved that she is hilarious!

William Shatner's Cameo

Clarkson and Captain Kirk had amazing chemistry, with him portraying the network TV executive helping her come up with a cause for her holiday special. How about an 'SNL' hosting gig for Clarkson? She held her own with an icon.

'Silent Night' With Trisha Yearwood + Reba McEntire

Two country powerhouses joined Clarkson for the gorgeous and richly harmonized version of the solemn, holiday hymn. While the special had its funny moments, we were reminded of Clarkson's voice being her best asset.

Clarkson's rendition of 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas'

Clarkson has huge voice with no ceiling, so hearing her sing this slow classic was breathtaking. She looked resplendent in her short, belted red dress, as she showed off major sideboob.

The Finale

Her new hit 'Underneath the Tree,' which is this season's 'All I Want for Christmas Is You,' closed out the special in an upbeat, super fun way. She performed it with a chorus of kids who appeared in the special, spotlighting what's most important during this festive time of year.

Below are some tweets about the event.

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