Congratulations to Kelsey Grammer and his wife Kayte, who welcomed a new addition to their family this week!

The ‘Frasier’ star is a proud papa to a new son, born on Tuesday, July 22 at 8:28AM and weighing in at a healthy 8 lbs, 2 oz. He and Kayte named their new baby Kelsey Gabriel Elias, but he’ll be going by his middle name due to a longstanding Grammer tradition.

“Our son will be called Gabriel as there is a tradition in our family of going by our middle names,” Kelsey told ET. “We are blessed and excited to have this lovely young man join our family — he is magnificent!”

Gabriel is younger brother to the couple’s two-year-old daughter Faith Evangeline Elisa. (This family digs long names, too.) The actor also has four other children from previous relationships: Spencer, 31; Greer, 22; Olivia, 12; and Gordon, 9.

Welcome to the world, Gabriel!