From Vine darling to solo star, Mahogany Lox is busting out the gates with her debut single "Boom," a sparkling, finger-snapping debut that just might sneak up as a runaway smash this summer.

Having just hit the road with the fab fivesome known as Fifth Harmony, the young singer on the rise is now hitting hard with her formal debut on the pop scene — but not without a little help from her family. Skyler Gordy, who you might know better as LMFAO's Sky Blu, produced the catchy cut. (Also, fun fact! Mahogany was named after the movie Mahogany, which was directed by her grandfather, Motown Records founder Berry Gordy. Quite a talented troupe, no?)

And today, she's dropping her debut music video for "Boom" right here on PopCrush.

To illustrate the breezy bop, the social media sensation twirls and skates her way through the graffiti-filed streets with a beau in tow (and some cute emoji-like animations!) from Monday to Friday, getting cutesy and silly with some fun '80s rom-com references, including a dress-up sequence and a Say Anything moment with...a Beats pill. (2015, y'all!)

"I had so much fun filming this video because I got to work with my brother Sky Blu and Big Bad University," says Mahogany LOX. "All I wanted was for the video to be fun and for you to smile while watching it... I can't wait to look at the comments to see if I have achieved my goal," she tells PopCrush.

What do you think, LOXSmiths? Are you loving Mahogany's major music video debut? Let us know in the comments below.