Speaking to Billboard for her cover story, Meghan Trainor revealed that after the tragic murder of Christina Grimmie, she heavily considered putting the kibosh on any future meet and greets with fans at her shows.

Trainor shared that she feared for her safety in light of the June 10 shooting in which The Voice contestant was shot dead while meeting with fans after her show in Orlando. Initially, she told her team that she didn't feel comfortable interacting with the public while on tour due to the lingering threat of coming into contact with a potentially violent fan.

"I was like, 'Guys I can't do this anymore.' Because of [Christina]," she said.

Fortunately for her devoted Megatrons, the pop star changed her mind about not meeting with fans on-on-one.

"Last show I did in Buffalo, I went out after," the "Me Too" singer revealed. "It kind of slowed down and everyone was leaving. I went out and said hi to some fans. My heart was beating and I was like, 'You got this, you're okay.' And I saw my team circled around us subtly. I was like, 'There's my manager, there's my security, there's my brother, and there's my assistant, and they're all protecting me.' And I was like, 'We can do this.' And we did it until the last person left... I love those moments. But it was scary."

Trainor also told Billboard that it wasn't only the dangerous implications of Grimmie's death that upset her, but also the loss of someone she looked up to before she found fame.

"I knew of her really well. In high school I would always follow her YouTube page," she explained. "And I commented in high school, and she commented back, and I was like, 'Mom! A celebrity commented on my page!' I was freaking out. I was stoked."

Years later, the pop star and the YouTube phenom finally met, something that Trainor recalls fondly.

"I met her at some radio show I did like my first year. And I was like, 'Dude, I followed your YouTube and you commented!' She was like, 'What? You know who I am?' She was so sweet."

Trainor is but one of countless stars who mourned the death of Grimmie. Music artists like Adam Levine, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez were just a few who spoke up about the young singer-songwriter after news of her murder shook the industry back in June.

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