Merci Raines isn't having it.

On "I Know Better," the Louisiana-bred singer-songwriter refuses to let one of her detractors (a bad ex? an un-supportive friend? an uncooperative Starbucks barista?) bring her down to their level.

"Maybe the high road's just a little too high to reach / Sometimes when I stand I'd rather be down on my knees / I won't give you anything no, you're not worth the breath / So I'll just keep it to myself," the artist proclaims in earthy tones, refusing to waste her precious time engaging in an unwinnable battle as big, sweeping drums drive the track forward, synths billowing like steam rising from the pavement after a hot summer rainfall.

"'I Know Better' is probably the most personal song for me," she tells us, adding, "It's essentially about the strength and struggle in learning to take the high road. A refusal to respond to negativity. There is always going to be someone waiting to judge and bring you down. Nothing rewards their shi---ness more than letting them get through to you. So don't do it. You know better."

Have Merci! And listen below:

Merci Raines' self-titled debut EP is out March 31.

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