Meryl Streep just highlighted one of the biggest questions when it comes to the Grammys.

The Oscar-winning icon appeared alongside Mark Ronson — the two are related, here's how! — to present the award for Record of the Year at the 2024 Grammy Awards Sunday night (Feb. 4).

During her presenter's monologue onstage, Streep highlighted a very important question or two many have long wondered about the Grammys: What's the difference between Record of the Year and Song of the Year? And why isn't Record of the Year the same as Album of the Year? Isn't a record an album, too?

"I am so unbelievably honored to be here tonight with you, Mark, to present the most important award of the night — the best album of the year," Streep began.

When Ronson corrected her, explaining they would be presenting Record of the Year, Streep pushed back: "Best album is a record, so best record is an album."

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"It can be, but this is different 'cause this is just for one record," Ronson insisted.

"So, how many songs are on a record album?" Streep questioned, arguing, "So it's a single. It's the best single of this year. But we already gave out best song."

Ronson then clarified that the Record of the Year category honors "all the things that go into making a great record," including the producers, recording engineer and the artist.

"So, it's the everything award. It's the best!" Streep joked.

Streep and Ronson presented the 2024 Record of the Year award to Miley Cyrus, who won for her song "Flowers."

According to, the Album of the Year Grammy is awarded to a collection of songs, while Record of the Year is awarded to a single track and honors its performer, producers and engineers. Additionally, it includes any other people who contributed to the track.

Meanwhile, Song of the Year specifically honors the songwriters of a track, including the performer if they wrote or co-wrote the track.

Record of the Year goes beyond just the songwriters and instead focuses on the performers, producers and engineers. For instance, the performer will always be credited on Record of the Year, but might not always be credited on Song of the Year depending on the situation.

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