Remember those Miley Cyrus behind-the-scenes photo shoot pics from last week or so ago that we showed you? The end results of that shoot have hit the Web, and wow -- Miley looks amazing!

Cyrus takes the spotlight in saturated white lighting and heavily zoomed close ups in some shots. Her newly platinum blonde mohawk-shag hybrid hairstyle is left down and shaggy in the softer looking shots in which she rocks a sparkly, ivory top and natural makeup. In some of the photos from the set, her hair is spiked up or extra-piecey.

In other shots, Cyrus rocks her hair in a Pink-style mohawk-bouffant look, while in others its slicked back. She looks extra fierce with dark plum -- almost black -- lipstick and winged eyeliner, accompanied by a white cropped top, a sparkly red lip necklace (also evocative of Pink, this time of her 2012 MTV VMAs performance) and a leather skirt with cutouts that imply there's not much underneath. In a few shots, she reminds us of Sheeva from Mortal Kombat, minus the extra limbs.

In one photo, Cyrus looks down over round sunglasses and wears a striped sweater, looking very mod and cute, while in another we see the black and white and photoshopped versions of the black cropped top and floral skirt from the BTS shots. Cyrus looks great, and when she actually styles her hair and softens up her makeup, the controversial cut is actually feminine and flattering. Keep it up, Miley!

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