Mindy Kaling is set to star in a commercial for Nationwide Insurance that will air during the 2015 Super Bowl. The slogan for the campaign is as follows, "After years of being treated like she was invisible, it occurred to Mindy Kaling that she might actually be invisible."

In the commercial, Mindy tries to hail a cab but it totally bypasses her and picks up a man standing a few feet ahead of her, instead. At that point she realizes that she might actually be invisible, and so she decides to pretty much do whatever she wants -- which, when you're invisible, is pretty much anything and everything. She takes food from a stranger's table, eats ice cream directly out of the container in a grocery store and even goes through a car wash, which, we'll admit, is totally something we've always wanted to do.

Nationwide also released a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot. The commercial's director talks about how to pack as much excitement into something as short as a commercial as well as what it's like to work with Mindy. Mindy also explains that she had some input into the commercial, as she usually does with the majority of her work.

Check out one of the teaser commercials in the video posted above, and the behind-the-scenes look in the video below!

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