Former Nine Muses member Moon Hyuna, who left the K-pop group in October 2016 to pursue a solo career, is back with more new music—this time enchanting listeners with her gorgeous Lowkies-produced solo single debut, "Cricket Song."

A lullaby in saccharine synth-pop form, "Cricket Song" begins with a twinkling music box intro before a lightly throbbing beat kicks in, Moon Hyuna's celestial voice floating over the soundscape like a zephyr of cool mid-July summer night air.

"Crick crick crick," she coos on the single's delectable, fizzy chorus, repeating the word as if counting fluffy sheep while dozing off.

Visually, the singer's video for the track—a dazzling display of twinkle lights, starry skies, disco balls and pastel hues—is an ethereal affair which plays like the sweetest dream. (There's even a fluffy kitten!)

Is Moon Hyuna actually a magical fairy in real life? Probably. Are we excited to see and hear more from the girl-group-member-gone-solo? Absolutely. And one thing's for sure: We don't ever want to wake up from this disco nap.

Watch the clip up top.

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