A car delivered instant karma to a man on a moped after he rudely knocked over a bunch of bicycles stacked neatly in a public bike rack.

Footage of the crash course on manners went viral on Reddit, where viewers were stunned to watch a moped driver first seemingly intentionally knock over a bunch of bicycles on a public bike rack before driving off directly into an oncoming car.

After knocking over some bikes on the sidewalk, the man on the moped drives off into the street, where he is instantly sideswiped by a car and gets knocked to the ground.

According to the video, he doesn't appear injured as he quickly jumps to his feet and assesses the damage.

Watch below. Warning: Video text contains graphic language.

What a twat biscuit
by u/killerpeanut201 in instantkarma

In the comments section, Reddit users slammed the moped driver for reckless driving and being just plain rude.

"Boy, some people are just pr---s. Why do they feel the need to wreck other people's belongings?? Where is their moral compass?? Didn't their parents instill good values in them when they were young??" one person asked.

"I feel sorry for his parents, but they're probably no better than their crotch spawn/insufferable sprog," another wrote.

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"Fleeing the scene, gets himself into an accident. I hope his insurance company saw this video," someone else commented.

"It’s crazy how without context I would see him get hit and feel shocked, but after with context I felt satisfaction," another weighed in.

According to one Reddit user, the incident took place in the Netherlands in May 2022. Thankfully, the moped driver wasn't injured badly, and reportedly just needed some "stitches in the head."

However, it's likely his ego got more than bruised.

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