Love is like fire: It's warm, often wild, sometimes painful... and nearly always created by a mere spark. Scandinavian pop singer-songwriter NABIHA's "Young" is an ode to that magical spark—that dreamy, achy rush that comes with first falling in love with someone.

"Laser lights, painted sky / I was in the crowd when you found me / Goosebumps when you found me," the former Denmark's Got Talent judge sings on the glistening, instantly infectious track, evoking the mood of youthful lust amid a flurry of swirling synths, skipping beats and soaring electronic breakdowns.

Equal parts sensually smokey and joyfully nostalgic, "Young" perfectly captures the butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling of falling head over heels—and all the hopes and dreams that come with a blooming romance.

"'Young' is about falling in love, the feeling of all the possibilities and fun that a life together could bring," NABIHA explains. "It's looking from the beginning, when you first meet, until hopefully fifty years later — and all the great memories in between that time that you would hope to have."

Listen, below:

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