Update, 5/26: "The Night is Still Young" video is officially available to everyone — watch the Vevo clip above.

Just when we'd all caught our collective breath after Nicki Minaj and Beyonce revealed their "Feeling Myself" video earlier this week, Nicki's back with another visual for The Pinkprint. And like her last clip, "The Night is Still Young" is another TIDAL exclusive.

Let's break it down, in case you haven't yet subscribed to Jay Z's streaming service, and can't find a good rip online via Idolator: The video is a whirlwind of harajuku girl backup dancers, young party people frolicking in a tunnel, and MateFit™ tea-tox product placement. Will MateFit thermoses replace Beats Pill speakers, when it comes to ubiquitous video cameos? [Note to self: Write a trend piece on that ASAP.]

Miss Minaj-ay is awash in pink light (always be on brand!), and the wall of neon tubes behind Nicki and her dancers is vaguely reminiscent of Yonce's "Blow" video, minus the roller skates. In one scene, she presents her dancers as they move behind glass in a vaguely Japanese-looking shop that evokes a peep show. Here Nicki dwells in a pink-light district, if you will.

As the party crowd passes through the magical world of Nicki's making, they're mesmerized by an opaline moon between buildings. The moon is large, to an almost threatening degree. Should we be worried? Is the video's action heading toward a Deep Impact-style disaster? No, nobody's concerned — the revelers point and laugh, and then some of them make out.

If you follow Miss Harajuku Barbie's boyfriend Meek Mill on Instagram, you know he's obsessed with dirt bikes, motocross, really all things wheel-related. He brought his ATV to Nicki's video, and she climbs aboard to ride off. Bye Nicki! Enjoy your still-young night!

If you're a TIDAL user, you can watch the video for yourself here.

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