Robin Leach's Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous addressed the celebrity experience as if it were something lived behind impenetrable red tape—you could look for a moment, but you could never touch. Now, with Instagram, the human zoo exhibits have been made accessible, and when singers, actors and celebs are in control of what their fans see, it's a totally different ballgame.

In 2015, your favorite stars pulled out all the stops on Instagram, testing the limits of its nudity policy, posting selfies with unexpected famous friends and, of course, showing off their kitties and pooches. In some ways, they're just like us, but in others, they live something mere mortals will never quite understand...

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While consistently glamorous, Kim's Insta-strength might come from her posts' variety: With a single glance you can see sexy selfies, mother-and-daughter shots with North and, of course, a Hillary Clinton endorsement.

Bey's private demeanor might have you convinced she's a recluse, but her Instagram account is a beautiful portrait of a totally free woman. Photos find her on stage, enjoying sea-breezes boat-side and cuddling up to her family while on luxury vacations. Not such a bad setup!

The limits of the universe are beyond our comprehension; so is the subject of Miley Cyrus' Instagram account. If you want to be shocked, you can stick your finger in an outlet, or simply take a gander at @MileyCyrus.

She's been in the entertainment game for more than 20 years, but Brit's happy to let you know—via Instagram—that she's still figuring things out. Between stage shots, updates on her sons and throwbacks to old magazine covers, Brit's happy to post bumper sticker affirmations and fortune cookie wisdom—why not!

When they have a choice in the matter, some celebs avoid limelight as if it's acid rain—Kylie Jenner, on the other hand, bathes in it. Kylie's account is host to more self-portraits than an introductory art class, but hey—if you look like she does, you might as well celebrate it.

Sometimes a troublemaker, other times a reflective introvert—Justin's a tough nut to crack, and his Instagram account follows suit. It's occasionally shady, punctuated by deeply philosophical musings and even features Martha Stewart. Call it Insta-stream-of-consciousness.

Lately, T. Swift's account has been all about her 1989 World Tour, but historically, it sort of registers like an all-star issue of Real Simple. She documents homemade dishes in her dream kitchen, sleepovers with her fantasy squad and, of course, cuddles with her kitty, Olivia Benson. If you're the jealous type, steer clear.

Celebrity can turn your life upside-down—literally, in the case of Ariana Grande. Peppered with earmark selfies angled in every direction, her account is equal parts glitzy and goofy. And while it's candy-coated, it's definitely not sugar-coated.

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