Everyone screws up at their job at some point or another, but it doesn't usually result in the give away of a $21,000 car.

Manuela Arbelaez, a model on television gameshow The Price is Right, mistakenly revealed the winning price of a car and she looks absolutely mortified once she realizes what happened. We don't blame her -- not only did her mistake probably cost the show thousands of dollars (well, maybe. The contestant could have guessed correctly, anyway), but her blunder happened on television, in front of a crazy amount of people. At least she looks cute doing it.

If you watch the video you can tell it was an absent-minded mistake on Manuela's part -- something we're all guilty of doing. You go into auto-pilot mode and kind of forget what's going on around you until something snaps you back to reality. Unfortunately for Manuela, the video is going viral, so her mistake has been immortalized on the Internet. Thankfully, the show's producers took it all in stride as Manuela tweeted, "For those of you asking: the producers and @DrewFromTV couldn't have been more supportive and understanding. I'm not in trouble :) phew!"

Manuela definitely had a sense of humor about the blunder, tweeting to Oprah, "Hey @Oprah now I know what it feels like to be you! Whenever you feel like giving cars away on the show let me know."

Announcer George Gray is probably at least a little relieved to have the spotlight taken off him after a video began circulating around the web showing the announcer falling off a running treadmill. You can check out the (hilarious, we'll admit it) clip below!

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