One of the crucial elements of a sweeping cinematic romance is the movie's equally powerful soundtrack. The perfect compilation of songs reflects the ups and downs of the love story, while also appealing to viewers. No easy task, right?

We got an inside look at the inspiration behind the soundtrack to 'Endless Love,' courtesy of music supervisor Randall Poster! Chances are, you're super familiar with Randall's resume. (He's worked on the soundtracks for 'Spring Breakers,' 'The Hangover,' and 'Skyfall,' among many, many others.)

With such a wide range of films under his belt, Randall explained how he approached compiling the songs for an epic love story and why he chose Tegan and Sara to perform an original track for the soundtrack.

Read on for the behind-the-scenes scoop, and be sure to check out the soundtrack (available today) and the movie when it hits theaters on Feb. 14!

Can you explain to us the process of finding the right songs for each part of the movie?

We built the musical element song by song, sequence by sequence. Trying to capture the emotion and spirit of our characters [and] trying [to] use the songs to tell the story and appreciate this romance.

The previously unreleased version of NONONO's 'Pumpin Blood (Jane Doze Remix)' creatively worked in one of the film's key montage moments. What elements of the song do you think helped make that scene memorable?

The song has great energy and really great musical changes that helped build momentum in the 10-day montage and helped us connect with the journey, David and Jade.

Tegan and Sara recorded a song especially for the film. Can you talk about how that collaboration came about?

We are all fans of the T&S, and when we got the song from songwriter Julie Frost, we knew that they were the ones to capture the essence of the composition.

The soundtrack has a great mix of artists, from well-known acts like Tegan and Sara to more up-and-coming artists. Were you consciously trying to mix genres for a diverse soundtrack overall?

We wanted to have a youthful energy that wasn't cynical and believed that true love and romance are worthy ambitions.

Listen to the 'Endless Love' Soundtrack

'Endless Love' is a remake of the 1981 film. Were you inspired at all by the previous film's soundtrack or did you want an entirely different sound?

Didn't pay attention to the 1981 film. I wanted to help director Shana Feste make something unburdened by the other film.

You've worked on a wide range of movies, from action films to comedies. How do you approach a love story like this differently?

With an open mind and a beating heart.

Do you have a favorite film soundtrack?

I will say 'American Graffiti' ... There are so many favorites.