Weddings are celebratory events where emotions and alcohol flow freely, but it's important to consider wedding guest etiquette when attending someone's big day.

Want to be a gracious guest?

One of the rudest wedding guest behaviors, according to newlyweds per the HuffPost, is letting the conversation run too long.

The bride and groom are in high demand on their wedding day. According to etiquette expert Thomas P. Farley, it's okay to offer your well wishes, but be mindful to keep your congratulatory chatter and compliments under 2 to 3 minutes. Being a master of conversation for the bride and groom will help them make their rounds and greet all of their guests without feeling fatigued by conversation.

Topics to avoid in conversation include politics and family drama.

"Guests should keep the conversation light and breezy," Farley shared with HuffPost. "The champagne is flowing, the relief is showing and the occasion is flying by for them at hyperspeed. Guests can focus their energies on the other guests in attendance and catch up with the couple after they've returned from their honeymoon."

It's also important to be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to social cues. If the couple's eyes appear to be glazing over, it's time to move along and give them some space.

If you're delivering a wedding toast, make sure your speech doesn't fall into the roast category. Nobody likes to be put in the hot seat, especially in front of their entire family on their wedding day, so nix the super embarrassing stories and causal digs.

Stick to self-deprecating humor and be armed to share fun memories, sweet compliments and heartfelt sentiments.

While the reception is often a highlight of any wedding, avoid getting too rowdy. Drunk and disorderly conduct is never acceptable; however, it's a worse social crime if this happens at a wedding.

And when it's time to go, remember it's okay to pull an "Irish exit" at a wedding.

While it's often seen as rude when someone exits an event without saying goodbye, this is entirely appropriate at a wedding. Don't feel obliged to announce your exit to the bride and groom.

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