Only days after Scott Stapp admitted he's homeless and broke, the Creed singer is reportedly being placed on a psych hold.

TMZ says they obtained a police report from Madison County Florida which states deputies found Stapp on the side of a road on Nov. 13. The site claims the singer appeared wasted, was incoherent and thought someone was trying to harm him, so police placed him under the 72-hour hold.

The sad new doesn't end there. Stapp's wife, Jaclyn, filed for divorce last month. TMZ reports that Jaclyn said that Stapp is threatening to kill himself and his AA sponsor and has guns in his possession.

Furthermore, Jaclyn allegedly claimed the singer hears phantom voices and sees visions of people on fire. On Nov. 10, he reportedly left a message with the dean of his children's school, warning that it was about to become the target of an ISIS attack.

According to TMZ, Jaclyn attributes Stapp's erratic behavior to a drug binge that's "fueled by steroids, weed, cocaine, PCP, Special K, Crystal meth, and various Rx drugs."

We're continuing to keep Stapp and his family in our thoughts during this time.