Selena Gomez is the subject of a new GQ profile, accompanied by a sultry photoshoot with photographer Victor Demarchelier (she just wants to look good for you, good for you, uh-huh). The story, which serves to promote her role in the upcoming Neighbors 2 with Zac Efron and Chloe Grace Moretz, hinges on an interesting conceit: That Gomez overcame the pitfalls of child stardom to become "a human who would probably gently suffocate the last living northern white rhino if it guaranteed she didn’t have to be a public figure anymore."

Selena's quest for normalcy included living with un-famous friends Courtney and Ashley for a year and a half, eatin' delivery and having sleepovers. For someone who grew up on camera, she's supremely weirded out by most interactions with fellow stars: "Either you’re going to succumb to it and be surrounded by all the noise and enjoy it and get the rush from it, or you’re going to be so far off of it because you don’t trust anyone or think any of it’s genuine. That’s the girl that I am."

Also, one time Diddy mistook her for a valet.

Other things we learn: She's a huge movie buff (loves Flirting With Disaster, so she's got great taste), "her hair is as glossy as a dolphin’s tail" (dat Pantene Pro-V?) and she worries that her still-childlike face may cost her serious film roles.

“I’m young, and I look younger," she says. "So the roles that I want to go for, it’s all about how the face is. I can play like I’m 16 still. Doesn’t really work for the things I want to do.”

Things get a little awkward, however, when the chat turns to her 2014 rehab stint. As most Selena fans know, her camp has said she didn't enter Arizona's Meadows facility for substance abuse, but because she was living with lupus. When the profile's writer presses her on why one would enter rehab for an autoimmune disease, she cuts him off with a "no, no, no, no, no."

"I got diagnosed with lupus. My mom had a very public miscarriage. So I had to cancel my tour. I needed time to just be okay. And I was going through leukemia," Gomez says, presumably meaning chemotherapy treatment for her illness. She then continues to shut down the reporter's line of questioning.

“I understand what you’re asking”—though I haven’t asked any of it yet—“but I’m just saying, I don’t think it really matters.” She pauses again. “My past seems to be way more fascinating for people than my future, which bums me out.”

Gomez reserves the right to remain private about her health struggles, and that stressful period in her life when she was in the ICU. "I don’t ever really like to sit and dwell on what that experience was,” she says. “Was it fun? No. Is it fun to have it? No.”

Read the full profile, in which Gomez says she wants to continue to "make great things with quality, from producing to singing to acting," over at GQ.

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