Selena Gomez wants to party all night on the title track from 'When the Sun Goes Down,' the new Selena Gomez & the Scene album that hits stores next week.

The up-tempo track kicks off with a stuttering synth melody that sounds like it came directly from a Cobra Starship song -- and that's a compliment. An electric guitar riff energizes the opening verse as Gomez sings about looking forward to the evening after a long, tiring day.

Then comes the infectious, rapid-fire chorus:

"The party doesn't start 'til the sun goes down / That's when everything starts moving / Everybody up when the sun goes down, ahh, ahh, ahh / The music isn't on 'til it's way too loud / That's when everybody starts dancing / Everybody shout when the sun goes down."

The large-group "hey!" shouts in the final chorus are too predictable, but otherwise, 'When the Sun Goes Down' sounds like a sure hit. Hopefully it will follow 'Who Says' and 'Love You Like a Love Song' as the album's third single.

The Selena Gomez and the Scene release 'When the Sun Goes Down,' also featuring the Britney Spears-penned tune 'Whiplash' and the fun track 'Bang Bang Bang,' drops June 28.

Listen to Selena Gomez's 'When the Sun Goes Down'